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LiFePO4 battery 3.2V 18650 1500mAh lithium iron phosphate battery

Model number: 3.2V IFR18650 1500mAh

Cell configuration: IFR18650

Nominal voltage: 3.2V

Battery limit voltage: 3.65V

Nominal capacity: 1500mAh

Dimension: 18.5*65.5mm

Application: digital products, electric toys, electric tools, emergency light, LED light, E-cigarette, small high drain house appliance, ect.

ModelSUJOR-3.2V 18650J 1500mAh18.5*65.5mm
Nominal capacity1500mAhStandard discharge(0.2C5A)after Standard charge
Nominal voltage3.2V
Cell type18650
Cell configuration18650
Cycle lifemore than 2000times
Cut-off charge voltage3.65V
Cut-off discharge voltage2.0V
Max. charging current1C
Max. discharging current3C
Operating TemperatureCharge       0~+45ºC
Discharge  -20~+60ºC
Storage Temperature-10~+45ºC≤1 month
Storage Humidity65%RH

SUJOR advantages:

· With more than 13years' experience and more than 600 skilled staff serve you.

· Factory ISO9001:2015 approved and most products comply with UL,CE,RoHS,CB,IEC62133,KC,BIS standards.

· Wide range of production line covers Li-polymer battery, Lithium ion battery,Li-FePO4 battery, and battery pack for your various demand.

· PICC insurance USD2,000,000.


Q1: What voltage and capacity range do you have for LiFePO4 battery?

A: There are big range. The popular items include: 10440, 14430, 14500, 15270, 17335, 18500, 18650, 26650, 32700,ect.

Q2: What are the application for the LiFePO4 battery?

A: It could be used for various portable electric products, such as electric toys, electric tools, digital products, household appliance,ect.

Q3: What are the advantages for LiFePO4 battery comparing to NiMh battery?

A: Comparing to NiMH battery, LiFePO4 battery has obvious advantages on cycle life, energy density, self-discharge and weight, ect. The cycle life is more than 2000times,while NiMH battery only has 500times.

Q4: Could you ship battery safely?

A: Yes, we have some good cooperated forwarder who has much experience in shipping battery. It could be shipped by door to door express, by air or by ocean. Customers could also use their own forwarder.

Q5: What certification do you have?

A: Most of the products are UL/CE,REACH/RoHS/IEC62133/CB/BIS/UN38.3/MSDS approved.

Technical Support: