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How SUJOR control the quality

Jan. 22, 2024

SUJOR has a professional QC team and advanced detection equipment to ensure the company products quality in the leading position in battery industry.


ISO9001:2015 quality system management has been imported to ensure our product quality to meet customer requirements. There are at least five steps quality control reflected in NPI, IQC, IPQC, OQC and CS. Our quality improvement is based on 5W1H and PDCA cycles:


l   NPI: New project implement. Quality standards and plans established.

l   IQC: Incoming quality control. Incoming raw material testing, covering physical, chemical, and electrochemical testing.

l   IPQC: Production quality control. Production preparation, FAI, Process inspection, issue handling and quality improvement.

l   OQC: Outgoing quality control. Adopt the ML-STD-105E quality control program to automate the quality inspection before shipment.

l   CS: Customer service. Complaint handling, market info. Analysis, market info. Collection, customer document management.

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