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Lithium ion becomes the most popular rechargeable batteries

Sep. 08, 2020

The ever-increasing market for portable electronic devices such as laptops, cell phones and MP3 players has resulted in an equally heavy demand for secondary batteries—more commonly known as rechargeable batteries—Lithium-ion (Li-ion) being among the most popular.

Various forms of lithium batteries are emerging on the market. Although there are concerns about their flammability, many manufacturers are pushing industry standards by pre-qualifying these battery makers. The reason for this trend is simple – lithium is the lightest metal, which results in a high specific charge. For example, it takes 3.85g of lead to produce 1 amp for 1 hour while it only takes 0.26 grams of lithium to produce the same. One type of lithium battery is only 2.5mm. Lithium also produces a higher voltage and therefore, a higher energy density. Lithium is also more eco-friendly than lead or cadmium. Lithium battery can provide an essential backup. These characteristics seem to fit right in line with market trends and many electronics manufacturers have noticed.

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