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NiMH battery 1.2V 4/3A3800mAh

Model number: SUJOR 1.2V NiMH  4/3A3800mAh

Nominal voltage:1.2V

Nominal capacity:3800mAh

Dimension: 17.0*67.0mm

Cycle life: 1000times

Warranty: 1year

ModelSUJOR-1.2V NiMH 4/3A3800mAh17.0*67.0mm
Nominal capacity3800mAhStandard discharge(0.2C5A)after Standard charge
Nominal voltage1.2V
Cut-off charge voltage1.25V
Cut-off discharge voltage1.0V
Initial impedanceMax: 6mΩ
WeightApprox: 52g
Standard Charge380mA(0.1C)Charge Time: Approx 15.0h
Fast Charge


charge termination control 

Charge time: 6.5approx.(0.2C)


Trickle Charge


Max. Discharging Current10CTa =0~50℃ 0.9v /cell cut off
Operating TemperatureCharge 0~+45ºC
Discharge -20~+60ºC
Storage Temperature-20~+40ºC≤1 month
Storage Humidity45-75%RH

Application field: 

  • Telecommunications: walkie-talkie, cordless phone,interphone,ect

  • Power tools: electric drills, screwdriver and electric saw and so on;

  • Power toys: electric auto, electric plans ;

  • Video cassette recorder ;

  • Emergency lightings;

  • Electronic toothbrush;

  • Light Therapy;

  • Vacuum cleaner;

  • Other equipment with high power discharge.

Main advantages:

  • Long operation life: Cycle life is up to 1000 times in normal conditions;  

  • Low self discharge: 80% capacity retention after 1year; 

  • Strong emergency adaptability: It can charge quickly in 1~6h in emergency conditions; 

  • Wide operation temperature range: It can be operated in the environment of -20~+60 centigrade;

  • Good safety and reliability: Each battery has a safety valve, so it can have high safety and reliability during long-period operation process or in major failures;

  • Pollution-free and no memory effect;

  • Different configuration could be met.


NiMH 2/3A1500mAh 1.2V battery


Q1: What size and capacity range do you have for NiMH battery?

A: There are big range. The popular items include: AAA,AA,SC,A,C,D,9V,1/2AAA,2/3AAA,2/3AA,4/5AA,ect.The capacity for AAA ranges from 600mAh to 1000mAh. The capacity for AA ranges from 600mAh to 2600mAh.


Q2: Could you provide customized battery pack?

A: Sure, we are professional customized battery supplier. We could provide battery pack in parallel and serial with different configuration according to customer’s requirement.

Q3: What are the applications for NiMH battery and battery packs?

A: It could be used for toys, home appliance, power tools, medical products, 3C electronics, ect.


Q4: Could you ship battery safely?

A: Yes, we have some good cooperated forwarder who has much experience in shipping battery. It could be shipped by door to door express, by air or by ocean. Customers could also use their own forwarder.


Q5: What certification do you have?

A: Most of the products are UL/CE,REACH/RoHS/IEC62133/CB/UN38.3 approved.


Q6: What is your warranty?

A:Our battery has as long as 1year warranty. 

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