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Chinese government Released the First National Lithium-ion Battery Safety Standards

Sep. 08, 2020

Recently, the SAC released “Lithium-ion cells and batteries used in portable electronic equipment-Safety requirements” to improve the safety levels of consumer electronics, guarantee the safety of person and health; and this standard will be officially implemented on 1st August, 2015.


The standard mainly for the safety requirements and test methods of electrical, environmental and mechanical on lithium-ion cells and battery packs under the condition of normal usage or reasonably foreseeable misuse. According to the test indicators, batteries test projects not only including the general safety requirements (security parameters, marking identification, warning specifications and durability), but also safety testing of environmental, electrical, requirements of protection circuits etc.


With the reference of mature testing methods on relevant international standards or foreign advanced standards (UN, IEC, UL), this standard revised and perfected the experimental methods of thermal tolerance, over-charged and so on. Besides, it added extra new testing requirements such as protection circuit test, high temperature test and flame retardancy requirements; among them, thermal tolerance test, protection circuit test and others have been adopted by related international standards.


The introduction of this standard is of great important signification to lithium-ion battery itself and safety of other related products with lithium-ion battery as important component.

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