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Ultra-thin Lithium polymer battery 3.7V 154515 60mAh

Model number: SUJOR 3.7V 154515 60mAh

Nominal voltage:3.7V

Nominal capacity:60mAh

Dimension: 1.5*45.0*15.0mm

Warranty: 1year

Characteristic: ultra-thin, ultra small

ModelSUJOR-LP154515 60mAh1.5*45.0*15.0mm
Nominal capacity60mAhStandard discharge(0.2C5A)after Standard charge
Nominal voltage3.7V
Cut-off charge voltage4.2V
Cut-off discharge voltage3.0V
Initial impedanceMax: 500mΩ
WeightApprox: 1.3g
Standard Charge0.2C CC(constant current) charge to 4.2V, thenCV(constant voltage 4.2V)till current decline to ≤0.01CCharge Time: Approx 7.0h
Max. Constant Charging Current60mA(1.0C)
Standard DischargeDischarge at 0.2 C5A to 3.0V
Max. Continuous Discharging Current60mA(1.0C)
Operating TemperatureCharge 0~+45ºC
Discharge -20~+60ºC
Storage Temperature-10~+55ºC≤1 month
Storage Humidity45-75%RH

Application field: Card reader

Main advantages:

● High energy density and high voltage of 3.7V

● Ultra-thin and ultra small

● Lighter and thinner, size could be flexible according to requirement

● Extremely safe, low self-discharge and has long cycle life

● Pollution-free, green product

● Wide operation temperature: -20ºC~60ºC

R&D strength:

Ultra-thin Lithium polymer battery 3.7V 154515 60mAh


Q1: How about your daily output?

A: Our daily output could reach 50000pcs.


Q2: How many COTS models do you have?

A:More than 2000COTS cells are available. Customized is also welcomed. Tooling cost would be free of charge once it reaches the target quantity.


Q3: Could you offer free sample to test?

A: In general, we offer it for new customer after they pay the sample fee, and we will refund the sample cost for them when massive order is confirmed..

Q4: How about the shipping?

A: We have some good-cooperated shipping agents. They have much experience in shipping batteries. You can also use your own forwarder.


Q5: How do you assure the quality?

A: There are at least five steps quality control reflected in R&D process, incoming control process, production process, prior-shipment control and after-sales service process. The company has more than 40 strictly trained personnel and advanced detection equipment to ensure the company products quality in the leading position in battery industry.

Technical Support: