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SUJOR Li-SOCl2 battery ER26500M 6500mAh 3.6V Spiral high power type

Model number: SUJOR ER26500M 6500mAh 

Battery chemistry: Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li-SoCl2) Battery

Nominal voltage:3.6V

Nominal capacity: 6500mAh

Battery cell size: C

Dimension: 26.2*50.5mm

Shelf life: 10years

ModelSUJOR-ER26500M 6500mAh26.2*50.5mm
Nominal capacity6500mAhDischarge at 10mA, end voltage at 2.0V at 25°C
Nominal voltage3.6V
Max. continuous discharge current1000mA
Max. pulse current2000mA
WeightApprox: 57g
Operating temperature-60℃~+85℃
Self-discharge rate≤ 1%
Storage life10years

Application field: 

● CMOS circuit boards, AMR of common instruments, medical equipment,

● Marine electronic, air-sea-land weapon, GPS transceiver, ground sensor, artillery fuse

● Aerospace applications

● Various meter: water meter, electricity meter, IC card gas meter

● Safety devices: alarms, portable sensor monitoring device

● Burglar alarm, tire monitoring system, electronic memory device

Main advantages:

● Superior shelf life: It is proved to be more than 10years at room temperature.

● High energy type is bobbin structure and fit for low discharge rate applications.

● High power type is spiral structure and fit for high current discharge rate applications.

● High energy density,pollution-free and good safety performance

● Wide working temperature ranging from -60℃ to +85℃

● High reliability: The annual self-discharge rate is less than 1%.

Main models:

SUJOR LiSOCl2 battery ER34615 19000mAh 3.6V

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